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Email to Unifi for /56 IPv6 Prefix

To: [email protected]

Subject: Request for IPv6 /56 Prefix Allocation Due to Exhausted /64 Pool

Dear Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) Support,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address an issue we are encountering with our current IPv6 setup.

I am currently facing an issue with the IPv6 prefix allocation. The error message pool6 refused acquire: Pool pppoe-pool6 exhausted - no more addresses left! (14) indicates that the /64 prefix pool has been exhausted. Consequently, I have resorted to using ULA IPv6 with NAT for our second subnet to provide IPv6 connectivity. However, the operating system is refusing to use ULA addresses as Internet and WAN routable, which is against the true purpose of IPv6.

According to the best practices outlined in the relevant RFCs, it is recommended that ISPs allocate a /56 prefix to avoid the need for NAT and to allow for multiple subnets. The specific RFC that discusses this recommendation is RFC 6177, which updates the guidelines on IPv6 address assignments.

Given this situation, I kindly request that you allocate a /56 prefix to our connection. This would enable us to fully utilize IPv6 as intended and provide better service without resorting to NAT for ULA addresses.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution of this issue.

Best regards,
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Complaint to MCMC

I am filing a formal complaint regarding the lack of response and support from Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) concerning IPv6 subnetting.

As a subscriber to the 2Gbps Internet plan, my connection supports various devices, including IoT devices, a HomeLab, PCs/laptops, and smartphones. Proper IPv6 subnetting with a /56 (providing 256 subnets) or /60 (providing 16 subnets) allocation is essential for segmenting my network and implementing Layer 3 (IP) firewalls between subnets, significantly enhancing network security.

Currently, Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) has only provided a /64 prefix, which is insufficient and forces all devices into a single LAN. This setup poses a greater security risk. Despite multiple attempts to resolve this issue with Telekom Malaysia (Unifi), I have not received any satisfactory feedback or assistance.

IPv6 is the future of IP addressing, and proper allocation and support are critical. According to RFC 6177, it is recommended that ISPs allocate appropriate prefixes, such as /56, to avoid the need for NAT and to support multiple subnets.

I kindly request MCMC's intervention to ensure that Telekom Malaysia (Unifi) addresses this issue and provides the necessary support and IPv6 prefix allocation as recommended by industry standards.

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