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Yuri Revenge & Red Alert 3

Felling old yet? Let’s play child-hood game!

Yuri Revenge and Red Alert 3 Online Multiplayer and Co-op is managed by community, which is require additional online component to be installed.

I will be host this ISO file under home web hosting with parallel and resume support, so can download quickly.

You can distribute this ISO file to other hosting, just please do not modify the ISO.

No need to reconfigure after install, simply run the game via Desktop Shortcut, if User Account Control popup, make sure not yellow, and press YES

The game has been configured to support Windows 10!

Windows 7 users may require to download and install Microsoft .NET 4.8 first!

Red Alert 2: Yuri Revenge


  1. Windows 7 SP1 and above
  2. Microsoft .NET 4.8 (Compatibility patch)

Step from Install to Online

  1. Mount ISO (Windows 8+ simply double click ISO)
  2. Install game
  3. Install CnCNet Yuri Revenge
  4. Double click “Yuri’s Revenge CnCNet” on Desktop to play Online
  5. Choose IRC Lobby nickname (no registration)
  6. Create Lobby or Join other player game
  7. Enjoy!

Game ISO File:

CnCNet (Online Multiplayer):

Red Alert 3


  1. Windows 7 SP1 and above
  2. Latest DirectX 9
  3. Visual C++ Runtime

Step from Install to Online

  1. Mount ISO (Windows 8+ simply double click ISO)
  2. Install game
  3. Install C&C: Online
  4. Register C&C: Online (Revora)
  5. Login C&C: Online (Revora)
  6. Create a new Profile [Online ID] (first time)
  7. Edit In-Game Login Password (simple password for in-game login)
  8. Open “Revora” at Desktop and click Red Alert 3 (Windows 10 may take time, just wait)
  9. Once in game menu, click ⭐ at Upper-Right (In-Game)
  10. Login! E-mail, In-Game Password, Online ID (Profile that you created)
  11. Enjoy!
How to Login C&C: Online (Revora)

Game ISO File:

C&C: Online (Online Co-op & Multiplayer):

Common Issue

Unifi and Streamyx users may not able to play Online Multiplayer and Co-op due to TM blocking Red Alert 3 and many game since 2012 and never lifted. You may able to play via LAN or LAN Tunnel such as Hamachi. Workaround: Bypass ISP blocking for port 6667 (without VPN)

For Red Alert 3, Only one account per internet connection (per home) to play Online Multiplayer/Co-op, 2nd account in same network may need to use VPN (as different WAN IP)

Red Alert 3 in Windows 10 may take time to run, just few seconds wait.

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