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Install Wine Stable + Dependency

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get install libgnutls30:i386 libldap-2.4-2:i386 libgpg-error0:i386 libxml2:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 libfreetype6:i386 libdbus-1-3:i386 libsqlite3-0:i386
wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
# Ubuntu 20
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb focal main' 
# Ubuntu 19
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb eoan main' 
# Ubuntu 18 / Linux Mint 19
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb bionic main'
# Ubuntu 16 / Linux Mint 18
sudo add-apt-repository 'deb xenial main' 
sudo apt update
sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Check Wine dependency

sudo aptitude install wine-stable

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