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Mikrotik RB3011UiAS-RM & Maxis Fibre Setup

Yesterday, I received awesome Router from my friend, Nemu

Mikrotik RB3011UiAS-RM

This is my first time to configure Mikrotik, I do my best!

First Time Setup

Download WinBox

RB3011 has WebUI to configure this router, however, it’s better that you download WinBox and configure from that application,

By default, Mikrotik use for LAN, I going to use this default.

After you done download WinBox, open it and login via MAC Address (just in case that you screw up and can’t access by IP Address)

WinBox Application

Login your router with blank password for first time.

Change admin password

Since you login without password, set a password first. Navigate to System > Password

Leave default password blank and enter new password, and click OK.

Connect The Maxis Fiber Internet

In this guide, I show how to configure Maxis while keep VoIP function

Configure VLANs

Maxis riding on TM Unifi network are using VLAN 621 for Internet

By default configuration, ether1 was not part of any switch bridge, we need detach ether2 for bridge VLAN 821 & 822

detach ether2 from switch bridge


VLAN ID      Info                           Comments
-------      ----                           --------
  621        Internet via PPPoE             Main Internet
  821        ISP Management                 This management bridged
  822        VoIP                           This VoIP will bridged
  823        IPTV                           >not covered in this guide<

Go to Interface > VLAN tab, add few VLAN:


     Name: vlan1.621
  VLAN ID: 621
Interface: ether1

ISP Management

     Name: vlan1.821
  VLAN ID: 821
Interface: ether1
     Name: vlan2.821
  VLAN ID: 821
Interface: ether2


     Name: vlan1.822
  VLAN ID: 822
Interface: ether1
     Name: vlan2.822
  VLAN ID: 822
Interface: ether2

Bridge VLAN

VLAN 821 and VLAN 822 will get bridge to ether2 port, then connect to WAN Maxis TP-Link Router

Create Bridge

Create 2 bridge interface:

Name: bridge821
Name: bridge822

Assign Ports for VLAN interface:

VLAN 821

Interface: vlan1.821
Bridge: bridge821
Interface: vlan2.821
Bridge: bridge821

VLAN 822

Interface: vlan1.822
Bridge: bridge822
Interface: vlan2.822
Bridge: bridge822

When complete, it should look like this, and VLAN will get bridged to LAN 2

Connect the Internet!

Since you have created VLAN 621 interface earlier, time to create PPPoE

Go to menu: PPP > Interface > + PPPoE Client

Set a name, for now I choose default pppoe-out1 name and choose vlan1.621 as Interface

Enter your PPPoE Account, untick Use Peer DNS and click OK:

Now PPPoE connected, but need change Interface List WAN to pppoe-out1

Check Firewall, just in case, masquerade should use WAN as Out Interface List

Change DNS

Don’t use ISP DNS, use reliable DNS such as Cloudflare or Google


Now you have working Fiber Internet, so far I like this router so much, with SFP port, in the future, I will replace Huawei ONT to ONT SFP stick, making Fiber direct connection and save space!


Next article, I will show you how to setup simple IPv6 on existing pppoe-out1

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