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Mikrotik IPv6 over PPPoE

In this post, I show you how to setup and enable IPv6 along side existing PPPoE IPv4

Enable Package

Before enable IPv6, you need enable IPv6 package:

System > Packages

Select IPv6 and click Enable, then reboot the router.

Enable IPv6

DHCPv6 & Pool

Go to IPv6 > DHCP Client

         Interface: pppoe-out1
           Request: address, prefix
         Pool Name: pppoe-pool6
Pool Prefix Length: 64
                    [ ] Use Peer DNS
                    [x] Rapid Commit
                    [x] Add Default Route

Important! Do not tick Use Peer DNS, this will use ISP defined IPv6 DNS, we going to use User Define DNS

You will get like this upon successful PPPoE IPv6:

Give Public IPv6 to LAN

By default, LAN’s interface is bridge that make all LAN port see each other.

Go to IPv6 > Addresses. Click + to add new Address

  Address: ::1/64
From Pool: pppoe-pool6
Interface: bridge


  1. Address must be ::1/64
  2. Select pppoe-pool6 from From Pool drop down list
  3. Select main LAN’s Bridge that combine all LAN port together.

Neighbor Discovery (ND)

I not be using DHCPv6 Server to hand out IPv6 Internet Address, since many device especially Android not accepting DHCPv6 Server, we going to use ND to hand out WAN IPv6 to LAN device’s.

Go to IPv6 > ND.

Select Interface all and click x to disable.

Click + to add new ND

Interface: bridge
           [ ] Advertise DNS

It should look like this:

Now, your IPv6 is working! Take a look at your Windows 10 Task Manager!

Allow Incoming IPv6

By default, Mikrotik block incoming connection, so your LAN device cannot be access by Internet Peer, to achieve pure P2P connection, you need disable IPv6 Firewall rules label as defconf: drop everything else not coming from LAN

Go to IPv6 > Firewall > Filter Rules

Find rules defconf: drop everything else not coming from LAN
usually at last rule

Select and Click x to disable

Now, your device can be accessible from the internet! Many modern game like Play Station or Xbox require IPv6 to play online, IPv6 deliver pure P2P communication!


If you have trouble to access some IPv6 Server, try this to adjust MTU for IPv6

Set IPv6 MTU at ND to 1480 or 1492 (check PPP Actual MTU)

If not try IPv6 Firewall > Mangle

/ipv6 firewall mangle
add chain=forward protocol=tcp out-interface=pppoe-out1 tcp-flags=syn action=change-mss new-mss=clamp-to-pmtu passthrough=yes  
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