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How to Generate A.I. Anime Waifu

In this quick guide, how to make A.I. to draw anime girls based on text or from an image

System Requirement

  • Nvidia GPU (Maxwell/2015 and above)
  • 2GB VRAM
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10

Only Nvidia GPU are supported for Windows


Chocolatey Package Manager

Open Windows Powershell and paste this command

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor 3072; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))


After done installing Chocolatey, close and re-open Powershell and paste this command

choco install git


After done installing Git, close and re-open Powershell and paste this command

choco install python --version=3.10.6

Stable Diffusion

After done installing Python, close and re-open Powershell and paste this command

cd D:\Path\To\Download
git clone

Download Checkpoint

Novel AI (Leak)


File you need


Copy and Rename

Original NameCopy and Rename
File require to work

Copy Weight/Checkpoint

  • Navigate to stable-diffusion-webui folder
  • copy and paste *.ckpt at models\Stable-diffusion


  • To use, navigate to stable-diffusion-webui
  • Open webui-user.bat with Notepad
  • Add --xformers --deepdanbooru --no-half-vae after set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=
  • Save it
  • Double Click/Enter/Run webui-user.bat


For first time running, it will download required package and files


Once completed downloading required package,

Open this address via your favorite web browser

Try it!


1girl, bangs, blue_eyes, blunt_bangs, bow, breasts, dress_shirt, eyebrows_visible_through_hair, hair_bow, high_ponytail, long_hair, long_sleeves, looking_at_viewer, medium_breasts, ponytail, red_bow, red_ribbon, ribbon, shirt, solo, takimoto_hifumi, upper_body, white_shirt, night, stars, standing, flower garden

Negative Prompt

multiple breasts, (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), (long body:1.3), (mutation, poorly drawn:1.2) , black-white, bad anatomy, liquid body, liquid tongue, disfigured, malformed, mutated, anatomical nonsense, text font ui, error, malformed hands, long neck, blurred, lowers, lowres, bad anatomy, bad proportions, bad shadow, uncoordinated body, unnatural body, fused breasts, bad breasts, huge breasts, poorly drawn breasts, extra breasts, liquid breasts, heavy breasts, missing breasts, huge haunch, huge thighs, huge calf, bad hands, fused hand, missing hand, disappearing arms, disappearing thigh, disappearing calf, disappearing legs, fused ears, bad ears, poorly drawn ears, extra ears, liquid ears, heavy ears, missing ears, fused animal ears, bad animal ears, poorly drawn animal ears, extra animal ears, liquid animal ears, heavy animal ears, missing animal ears, text, ui, error, missing fingers, missing limb, fused fingers, one hand with more than 5 fingers, one hand with less than 5 fingers, one hand with more than 5 digit, one hand with less than 5 digit, extra digit, fewer digits, fused digit, missing digit, bad digit, liquid digit, colorful tongue, black tongue, cropped, watermark, username, blurry, JPEG artifacts, signature, 3D, 3D game, 3D game scene, 3D character, malformed feet, extra feet, bad feet, poorly drawn feet, fused feet, missing feet, extra shoes, bad shoes, fused shoes, more than two shoes, poorly drawn shoes, bad gloves, poorly drawn gloves, fused gloves, bad cum, poorly drawn cum, fused cum, bad hairs, poorly drawn hairs, fused hairs, big muscles, ugly, bad face, fused face, poorly drawn face, cloned face, big face, long face, bad eyes, fused eyes poorly drawn eyes, extra eyes, malformed limbs, more than 2 nipples, missing nipples, different nipples, fused nipples, bad nipples, poorly drawn nipples, black nipples, colorful nipples, gross proportions. short arm, (((missing arms))), missing thighs, missing calf, missing legs, mutation, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, poorly drawn hands, more than 1 left hand, more than 1 right hand, deformed, (blurry), disfigured, missing legs, extra arms, extra thighs, more than 2 thighs, extra calf, fused calf, extra legs, bad knee, extra knee, more than 2 legs, bad tails, bad mouth, fused mouth, poorly drawn mouth, bad tongue, tongue within mouth, too long tongue, black tongue, big mouth, cracked mouth, bad mouth, dirty face, dirty teeth, dirty pantie, fused pantie, poorly drawn pantie, fused cloth, poorly drawn cloth, bad pantie, yellow teeth, thick lips, bad cameltoe, colorful cameltoe, bad asshole, poorly drawn asshole, fused asshole, missing asshole, bad anus, bad pussy, bad crotch, bad crotch seam, fused anus, fused pussy, fused anus, fused crotch, poorly drawn crotch, fused seam, poorly drawn anus, poorly drawn pussy, poorly drawn crotch, poorly drawn crotch seam, bad thigh gap, missing thigh gap, fused thigh gap, liquid thigh gap, poorly drawn thigh gap, poorly drawn anus, bad collarbone, fused collarbone, missing collarbone, liquid collarbone, strong girl, obesity, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, liquid tentacles, bad tentacles, poorly drawn tentacles, split tentacles, fused tentacles, missing clit, bad clit, fused clit, colorful clit, black clit, liquid clit, QR code, bar code, censored, safety panties, safety knickers, beard, furry pony, pubic hair, mosaic, excrement, faeces, shit, futa, testis

Negative Prompt for NSFW

(long body:1.3), (missing arm:1.21), (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), (mutation poorlydrawn:1.2), (one hand with less than 5 fingers:1.21), (one hand with more than 5 digit:1.21), (one hand with more than 5 fingers:1.21), 3D, 3D character, 3D game, 3D game scene, anatomical nonsense, bad anatomy, bad animal ears, bad collarbone, bad digit, bad ears, bad eyes, bad face, bad feet, bad gloves, bad hairs, bad hands, bad knee, bad mouth, bad pantie, bad proportions, bad shadow, bad shoes, bad tails, bad tentacles, bad thigh gap, bad tongue, bar code, beard, big face, big mouth, big muscles, black tongue, black-white, blurred, blurry, censored, cloned face, colorful tongue, cracked mouth, cropped, deformed, dirty face, dirty pantie, dirty teeth, disappearing arms, disappearing arms, disappearing calf, disappearing legs, disappearing thigh, disfigured, duplicate, error, extra animal ears, extra arms, extra calf, extra digit, extra ears, extra eyes, extra feet, extra knee, extra legs, extra shoes, extra thighs, fewer digits, fused animal ears, fused calf, fused clothes, fused collarbone, fused digit, fused ears, fused eyes poorly drawn eyes, fused face, fused feet, fused fingers, fused gloves, fused hairs, fused hand, fused mouth, fused pantie, fused shoes, fused tentacles, fused thigh gap, gross proportions, heavy animal ears, heavy ears, huge calf, huge haunch, huge thighs, jpeg artifacts, JPEG artifacts, liquid animal ears, liquid body, liquid collarbone, liquid digit, liquid ears, liquid tentacles, liquid thigh gap, liquid tongue, long face, long neck, low quality, lowres, malformed, malformed feet, malformed hands, malformed limbs, missing animal ears, missing calf, missing collarbone, missing digit, missing ears, missing feet, missing fingers, missing hand, missing legs, missing limb, missing thigh gap, missing thighs, monochrome, morbid, more than 1 left hand, more than 1 right hand, more than 2 legs, more than 2 thighs, more than two shoes, mutated, mutation, mutilated, normal quality, normal quality, obesity, one hand with less than 5 digit, one hand with less than 5 fingers, one hand with more than 5 digit, one hand with more than 5 fingers, poorly drawn animal ears, poorly drawn anus, poorly drawn clothes, poorly drawn ears, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn gloves, poorly drawn hairs, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn mouth, poorly drawn pantie, poorly drawn penis, poorly drawn pussy, poorly drawn shoes, poorly drawn tentacles, poorly drawn thigh gap, poorly drawn vaginal, QR code, safety knickers, safety panties, signature, split tentacles, strong girl, text, text font ui, thick lips, tongue within mouth, too long tongue, ugly, ui, uncoordinated body, unnatural body, username, watermark, worst quality, yellow teeth

Negative Prompt (short)

lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name


Results can be found at stable-diffusion-webui\outputs

  • txt2img-images (text to image)
  • img2img-images (image to image)

Have Fun!

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